iPhone XS Max Phone Case | KEVLAR Edition V2-CarbonThat-CarbonThat
iPhone XS Max Phone Case | KEVLAR Edition V2-CarbonThat-CarbonThat
iPhone XS Max Phone Case | KEVLAR Edition V2-CarbonThat-CarbonThat

iPhone XS Max Phone Case | KEVLAR Edition V2

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Using military grade aramid fibre, commonly known as Kevlar®, we were able to design a phone case that is impossibly thin and closely mimic the form and feel of your phone. Hand-laid & laser cut to perfection, our Kevlar Edition case utilises 100% real aramid fibres to become our strongest and lightest phone case we have ever created.

What is commonly found in military applications such as body armour and bulletproof vests can be now yours in the palm of your hands!


⇀ 100% authentic aramid fibres coated in a matte finish
⇀ Ultra-thin & slim:  0.6mm
Ultra-lightweight:  10 grams
Complete coverage on ALL sides (V2 upgrade)
Raised folded lip rear camera protection
Softly textured non-sticky grip
Wireless charging compatible
 Compatible with all known branded screen protectors (see ours here)
Fingerprint & scratch resistant, waterproof & will never fade
Branding free for a super clean finish


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All orders will be shipped locally from our Sydney warehouse. We offer SAME day processing & dispatch on ALL our orders. Please up to 1 to 28 business days (depending on destination) for shipping. Any customs or duty fees will be the responsibility of the customer. 

All orders will be provided with a tracking number for peace of mind. 

Why & What is Aramid Fibre?

Aramid fibre (Kevlar®) is a synthetic high performance fibre made up of a series of molecules in a rigid chain-like structure. These chains are linked by strong hydrogen bonds that allow for easy transfer of mechanical stress therefore making it possible to use chains of relatively low molecular weight. Aramid fibre is FIVE times stronger than steel, yet it can be thinner than a single strand of human hair.

By weaving together these strands of aramid fibre we are able to create products utilising all its following key strengths:

⇀ high strength
⇀ low weight to strength ratio
⇀ good resistance to abrasion
⇀ good resistance to organic solvents
⇀ non-conductive
⇀ no melting point
⇀ good fabric integrity at elevated 

The technology of aramid fibres are featured in all our aramid products range, which showcases the delicate combination between ultimate protection and style.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Ben G
Don't believe the review below.

I'm the one who researches companies thorough before buying their products. The review below made me second guess, but I found CarbonThat's response on TrustPilot Review. Looks like an angry customer spilling twisted lies.

I bought the case as a benefit of the doubt, and I can now 100% side with CarbonThat. Product arrived quickly, and packaging was amazing. This was a gift for my best friend, and he loves it! I've already purchased the Samsung case for myself!

Paul Yates
Broken on the first drop

The Kevlar case I bought had a piece chip off it the first time I dropped it.

When I complained I was told that the case is not meant for drop protection as it is thin and the laminate is likely to be brittle. This seems strange to me as surely the whole point of wanting a Kevlar case for your phone is because it’s strong and hard wearing! Nowhere on the website does it warn you not to drop your phone with the case on as it “doesn’t add drop protection”
I would have been better off spending $20 on a plastic case that doesn’t shatter the first knock it gets and not buying a fancy Kevlar case for $80.
Oh well I’ll leave it up to you to decide if you want to buy an expensive, pointless, fragile case made out of advanced military materials or one that works.

Daniel H
Tight and Lit

Great soft touch case on the back, subtle lip on the back to cover the camera. Note don't forget to buy a screen protector. The case sits flush against the screen. CarbonThat, you should supply your own screen protectors!

Levi J
Barely There case!

Wish there was a place to upload photos! This case won't survive drops from space, but it will do fine in day to day drops from waist/table height. It does provide a great grip feel, nothing sticky or slippery, top it off with such a great look this case is perfection. There is no doubt the fibres are real, you can literally feel the weave under the soft matte coating.

Vuong N
The FEEL is out of this world!

The BEST case hands down. Bought it for the looks, but fell in love with the feel of the case. Running your hands over the textured back, never gets old.

David P
Amazingly Remarkable Case!

The case is super thin with great fit so when I put this case on my iPhone it felt like there is nothing in between my hand and phone. It is precisely made with easy button access. Definitely scratch proof because I haven’t got any scratches from my keys which I normally put together in my pocket with the phone.