Kevlar Edition Cases

Made of 100% Real Carbon & Kevlar® Fibres. Ultra Thin & Light. Zero Signal Interference.


Elevate Yourself & Gear

Established in 2019, we are Australia's only local supplier of 100% real Carbon & Aramid (Kevlar®) fibre Apple & Samsung products and accessories!

Experience the feel of the world's greatest supercars & aerospace engineering at the touch of your hands with our sleek, ultra-slim, high protection cases. 

Although based in Sydney, as a brand we aim to empower all carbon fibre enthusiasts worldwide to connect and inspire, meaning we also ship Worldwide!



CarbonThat is no joke. A legit company whose products scream money. I recommend anyone to take the leap and just buy any of their products. You won't be disappointed!

Shaun A.

Prompt and efficient service from start to finish! They are extremely down to earth and answered all my questions before my purchase. Their cases will add value to your phone, whilst keeping it protected!

Sarah L.

One of the best cases I've ever purchased! Looks and and feels like a premium, luxury case at such an affordable price. I'll definitely be recommending to my friends and family.

Jacob M.